Pastor's Message

Pastor's Message 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would house sit for friends when I was going to Seminary.  I would take care of their gigantic dog, eat their food and it was neat to live for a few days in a big house when you are used to an apartment. 

One of those times I was looking at books on their shelf and noticed as the sun hit the shelf there was a dust.  Now it was not a lot of dust but I decided to do something I had only heard about... dusting.  I found a feather duster and just started dusting their book shelf.  It was not as bad as I had imagined.  We were close friends so they were not angry or take offense that their books were slightly dusty and when I told them I had dusted they were glad to give me something to do. 

The thing is when I got back to my apartment I looked around and you know what I found out?  My little apartment had so much dust. It was disgusting.  I mean I had never dusted so that is how much dust there was.  I had never noticed the dust in my place until I saw it at my friend's house.  

Sometimes we do not realize how dirty a thing is until we see it in a different light.  I should have know that dusting is something a normal adult human does but I did not understand it until I saw it in a different place and different way. 

Our life of faith is like this sometime.  Honestly most of the time it takes a big thing or a little thing to wake us up to our need for God to change us and work in our life.  We may really need to be cleaned up but sometimes we do not realize it. We are busy living we do not notice, we do not look . This need  might be so obvious but until we see it from a different perspective we may not know we need to make some changes.  We really need  this clean heart, new spirit in order to grow in faith. So we need to ask for God to show us our blind spots.  We need help seeing the things we need to change and know that it is God who can change us.   

The problem  is we rarely take time to be intentional about seeing how we need to be cleaned from the heart on out.    We see this with King David.  King David in  Psalm 51 is talking about his mistakes and need for forgiveness from God and others.  He then  asks for God to help him because God is the only one who can change his heart.  King David wants God to clean his heart, give him a spirit that wants to get better, do right and not repeat mistakes. He needs to reboot his heart and soul so that it runs the way it is supposed to.  He and we need this in our life.  God can do it, will do but we just need to know we need it. 

So let us pray together for a new heart, a clean heart and a willing spirit to do what God has called us. Let us seek that together this fall. 


Pastor Mac