BBQ Beef Brisket Fundraiser [A portion of proceeds will go to the Daily Bread Food Pantry]
Saturday, May 22, 2021 – 3-5pm  -- Drive-thru style at Heidelberg UCC
Meal includes: Brisket, Roll, Baked Potato, Coleslaw, Butter & Dessert
Cost: $10/meal. Tickets will be available starting March 15th Call the church office at 610-287-9736 or pick them up on Sunday morning or from a Consistory member. 


+ Consistory encourages mask wearing for the entire service.                   
Worship begins at 10:30am with live streaming.
+ Temporary wedding and funeral COVID-19 charge of $175 ($100 to the church and $75 to the Custodian). These life rituals can take place with the Sunday morning guidelines being followed.
+ Only the Narthex doors will be used for entry and exit. All other building doors can be used as an exit only. The lower level will be used on a limited basis. Primarily to be accessible to the Christian Education program and Scouts.
A sanitizing table will be set in the Narthex, in the education areas, and by the glass doors. One sanitizer pump will be on each of the windowsills in the sanctuary and Kleenex will be available.
Please sit only in permitted pews. Six feet should be maintained in the pews when unrelated families are in the same pew.
+ Masks should be worn into the church and when exiting the church. Masks may be removed while sitting in the pew. Masks must be worn if persons choose to sing. Extra masks will be available for those who forget theirs. Masks can be obtained from the greeter.
To assist the staff and worship leaders in the chancel: the chancel will be marked off along the front of the church to help remind worshipers to maintain physical distance.
Hymnals and Bible will remain removed, 8x11 bulletins will be used, printed Scripture lessons and music with notes will be made available.
A song leader will lead singing.
+ Elders will hand out the pre-prepared communion elements in the pews. Receptacle for containers to be thrown away will be available in the Narthex upon exiting the sanctuary.
Two greeters will be in the Narthex to welcome and usher worshippers into the sanctuary. Arrangements and Head Usher will have modified duties.
Pastor will greet from 6 feet away outside of the narthex doors as weather permits. A table will be in front of him to remind everyone to physical distance.
Special music continues.
Offering plates will be placed in the Narthex.
Cleaning and disinfection of the worship space will immediately follow worship each week.

Bible studies, small groups, committee work: Meetings should be reported to the church office so space used can be known and thoroughly cleaned. Please limit gatherings.

Attend to cleaning and sanitizing common areas and surfaces: Custodian.
Building users/renters: Outside renters, groups, etc. will be decided upon on a case by case basis

Post appropriate health signs and guidelines: Signage placed in key places within the church.
+ Maintain a good stock of tissue, soap, hand sanitizer and disposable paper towels

Marking off areas of the building on Sunday’s:
The lower level of the building will be closed off generally.
The office wing (beyond rest rooms) will be closed off except for Nursery Care.
The elevator will not be in service.
The water fountains will not be in service.

1. Sunday School & Nursery Restart :
+ Sunday School: held on the 1st & 3rd Sunday’s
  1. Children will be dismissed to the lower level following the Children’s Chat
    • No snack time during Sunday School or Nursery. Bottled water will be provided
    • Nursery: 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday’s in the Nursery [lower level if numbers dictate.] Children will be dismissed following Children’s Chat - no drop offs before worship.
    • Rocking chairs are available at the rear of the sanctuary for families with younger children. Changing stations available in the main level restrooms.
  2. Adults: One or Two take-home studies will be offered & No Thursday Classuntil further notice.

2. Boy Scouts:
+ No kitchen use
+ Only scouts and leaders in the building - two meetings a                                                                                                                   month and must be scheduled on church calendar
Use of lower level only( drama room, Fellowship Hall & Bathrooms) [If outdoor meeting ONLY - may use the main level restrooms]
Scouts to sanitize at the end. Wipe down tables used, chairs used, and door knobs
Sign-in for indoor meetings (HUCC to provide a pad and pen)

5. Fogger and the formula to sanitizer spaces quicker and easier:
+ Fogger and sanitizer is in use.

6. Congregational Meeting in November:
+ Held as normal in the sanctuary following Sunday morning procedures.

7. Open every other pew and not have two empty pews between:
+ It has been measured and the 6ft social distance can be maintained.


+ Please wear a MASK into and out of the church.  You may remove it in your pew, albeit we encourage masks stay on throughout service.

+ MUST wear a MASK if you choose to SING
+ Stop at SANITIZING TABLE upon entry
+ Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING (6 ft.) at all times while inside the church (sorry - no hugs or handshakes) Limit movement within the building
+ Sit within the MARKED pews and mind the MARKED limitations of entering certain area of the building
+ Please DO NOT approach the CHANCEL area. 
+ Please STAY HOME if you do not feel well or if you have any pre-existing health concerns that may make you vulnerable to the virus

See Symptoms of COVID-19 Poster at this link:

Worship Service - Restoration Church: Reston
Worship with us at 10:30am each Sunday! 
Join us Onsite or Online!

"Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy."
~ Psalm 100:2

Image result for Remember your tithes and offerings
Keeping your tithes and offerings current will help the church tremendously! 
Thank you for your generoisty. 

What Can We Learn About Prayer? | First Baptist Church Covington

Every Tuesday - Morning or Noon or Night ...  Home or Work .... Vacation or Staycation ... On your knees or at your desk or laying in bed ...
Take 5 mintes (or more) out of your Tuesday and pray specifically for our church!  Your prayers have 'great power' and can 'produce
wonderful results' (James 5:16).

OLM Ladies Lunch | Our Lady of the Mountains
Attention Ladies -- If you are interested in joining our gatherings on the first Monday of the month please give Diane McFarland a call 610-287-8079.

BBQ Beef Brisket Fundraiser [A portion of proceeds will go to the Daily Bread Food Pantry]
Saturday, May 22, 2021 – 3-5pm  -- Drive-thru style at Heidelberg UCC
Meal includes: Brisket, Roll, Baked Potato, Coleslaw, Butter & Dessert
Cost: $10/meal. Tickets will be available starting March 15th Call the church office at 610-287-9736 or pick them up on Sunday morning or from a Consistory member. 

Please have content to the church office by Friday, May 14th. 

Mission Sunday — Rocky River United Methodist Church

Mission Sunday May 16, 2021:
Our church has been regularly active in our Missions. Lately, since the Pandemic, most of the Missions that we have been doing is for the Daily Bread Food Pantry in Collegeville. We are proud of our work, time, and donations that we provide for this necessary Mission. On Missions Sunday, we will have the Directors of Daily Bread Food Pantry, Joel and Loretta Stever, here to speak about the Food Pantry. They will talk about how the pandemic has affected the pantry, changed their way of doing business and seeing clients and what the future holds for the pantry. We hope that you will join us, live in the sanctuary or online. The yearly MISSIONS SUNDAY monies collected will also be donated to Daily Bread. We appreciate your continued support.

Join in for the Church... - Community Bible Church - Cut Off | Facebook
Saturday, May 8th beginning at 8:30am:
Spring gardening part two! Thanks to all who participated in our spring cleanup effort. Now it’s time to plant a few annuals, spread a bit of mulch, do a little more preparation for the last phase of our multi-year landscaping project, and perhaps make some other small improvements. The property committee invites you to join them on Saturday, May 8th to help in this effort. Look for other improvement projects to be done this spring, including some masonry pointing, painting, sealing of the parking lot, and more!

First Lutheran Church Hinckley :: Congregational Projects for 2020
Bring your loose change (bills are accepted too) on Sunday, May 30th! Collection cans will be available in the Narthex as you arrive or leave church. These offerings help support the small projects fund of the church. Thank you for giving.

Ascension Sunday Church Video | Progressive Church Media
Ascension of the Lord Sunday - May 16th 
The Ascension of Our Lord, which occurred 40 days after Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter, is the final act of our redemption that Christ began on Good Friday. On this day, the risen Christ, in the sight of His apostles, ascended bodily into Heaven.

Help Decorate for Pentacost - Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 1244 St. Francis  Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Pentecost Sunday - Sunday, May 23rd - during our 10:30 worship service ... join us as we celebrate God's Holy Spirit!
 ++ Wear Red Wherever You Are ++

Trinity Sunday: Is It Relevant?
Trinity Sunday - Sunday, May 30th
Pope Gregory IX instituted Trinity Sunday in 828 CE. This day is notable for being the only major Christian festival that celebrates a doctrine of the church rather than an event in its sacred history. It is dedicated to the Christian belief in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Please, come as you are.
Worship with us at our 'Come and See' Church!


                Sunday School


For "Littles" and "Tweens" Classes:
+ Classes will be held the1st & 3rd  Sunday's of the month.
+ Classes will be held during the 10:30am worship hour. Children will be dismissed following the Children's Chat portion of the service.
+ Classes will be held in the lower level and outdoors when
+ No snack time. Bottled water will be provided.

Detailed Information ...

+ Ms. Sara sent out the registration form and it is available here on our website. This form mimics that of years past with additional information stating that we will do our best to conform to the social distancing regulations. The form will give the parents the choice of whether the child can remove their mask for indoor and outdoor activities.
+ There is the recommendation that any child not feeling well should not attend.
+ Individual bags for students will be made up that will stay at church. These will include items such as crayons, glue sticks, pencils, pens, and Bibles.
+ Ms. Sara’s class is to be in the Drama room. Mr. Matt’s class is to be in Fellowship Hall.
+ Once seated (6ft apart), children and teachers may take off their masks to begin the lesson. At parent's discretion. Classes will take place outside whenever possible. Again Social Distancing will remain in effect.
+ For child pick-up, the children will be lead single file out the downstairs exit by the elevator. Parents are encouraged to stay at the parking lot/walkway and allow their little one(s) to come to them.
+ If a child is having difficulty adjusting to social distancing, their teacher will speak with the parent of that child.
+ We plan to take this month by month and adjust as necessary.
+ As a precaution, if either Ms. Sara or Mr. Matt fall ill (for whatever reason) both Sunday School classes will be cancelled that day and parent's will be notified.


Nursery Ministry

+ Nursery Care is for pre-schoolers through 1st Graders
+ Nursery will be offered the 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday's of the month.
+ Nursery will be held in the Nursery if the number of children allow for it otherwise it will be held in the lower level.
+ Sign in and out will be set up outside the nursery door. Only children and scheduled staff permitted in the nursery.
+ Every effort will be made to keep 6ft distance at all times. Mask worn when it's not possible.
+ No snacks.
+ Children will be dismissed following the Children's Chat portion of the worship service. No drop off's prior.

You are invited to join us as we give... - South Park Church of Christ |  Facebook
Each Sunday at 10:30am


LEGACY WELCOMES YOU ONSITE! | Legacy Christian Church
Each Sunday at 10:30am

Still Speaking — Clark-Grace UCC

Ministry Highlights ...

In Ian’s Boots
The goal of "In Ian's Boots" is to spread the good news of Ian's faith by providing shoes and winter boots to those in need! A collection bin is in the Narthex if you have new or used shoes or boots to donate. Children’s boots are especially needed for the winter. For more information you can review their website at

Daily Bread Community Food Pantry
We are continually looking for donation for the 
Daily Bread Community Food Pantry.  The pantry shelves are always in need of any and all donations! They also welcome caring volunteers to help!  Reach out to Anne Ryan or the pantry directly for more information:


5 Helpful Church Volunteer Resources


~ Greeters: See Eleanor Risell to sign up
~ Head Usher: See Cindy Cook
~ Special Music or Song Leader Substitute: See Pat Clemens or Pastor Adrian
~ Nursery Care Attendants or Sunday School Aides: See Matt or Sara McDowell
~ Technology: See Tina Richards, Doug MacWade, or Brian Pippert

Thank you for your help!
"All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it."  ~ 1 Corinthians 12:27, NLT

Video: Linking Your Fundraising Page to the Facebook “Donate” Button | by  Give Lively | Give Lively
Want to make a donation to Heidelberg UCC ... go to our Facebook Page and
click the "Donate" button on the top right of the home page and follow a couple
very simple steps!  Thank you!!